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2022 Practice Requirements:

August 1st - August 27th

Practice Length- MAX (2.5) hours in duration per day
                        MAX 10 hours per week

**Practice shall include a 15-minute warm up and a 15-minute cool down to minimize risk to your team.**
*Clarification- This is INCLUDED in the 2.5 hours per day*

August 23rd-End of Season

Practice Length- MAX (2) hours in duration per day
                        MAX 8 hours per week

**Practice shall include a 15-minute warm up and a 15-minute cool down to minimize risk to your team.**
*Clarification- This is INCLUDED in the 2 hours per day*

***10 Minute Mandatory Break after each hour of practice is required.***
*Clarification- Mandatory Breaks are NOT included in the hours per week or the maximum hours per day.*

***Practice week consists of Monay-Sunday***

Game Ball Size per Level


The following football sizes will be followed for each level of play:

Flag - K2

8U -   K2

9U -   K2

10U - K2

11U - TDJ

12U - TDJ

13U - TDY

14U - TDY

Leather or Composite is acceptable

Wilson Ball is the official sponsor of AYF and will be used at all Region and National championship games.

Flag Proper Blocking Technique

The following link provides fairly clear instructions on blocking for flag. The main point is that you cannot force a blocker or a defender from their position. That basic rule is part of what makes this flag football.

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/LKgjPCgYFJo

Football FAQ's

We always receive questions from Coach's throughout the season. Moving forward we will post the question and answer here.

Q - Are tinted shields/visor allowed?
No, tinted visors are not allowed even with a doctor note. While tinted face shields/visors are illegal, it is legal for a player to wear tinted glasses underneath a clear face shield/visor.

Q - Understanding the Block in the Back Rule

Free Blocking Zone

Can you have this sent to all coaches? We had a coach complaining about a bunch of “blocks in the back” (BIB) that we weren’t calling. When he was told that a BIB was legal in the “free blocking zone” he asked what that was. There are times, in the free blocking zone, when a BIB, blocking below the waist and clipping are legal. The attached document explains this.

Also we threw flag on a player who hit a ball carrier who was on the ground. When we explain the call, the coach said they taught the players to hit until the whistle was blown. I explained that the play is over when a player is on the ground or stopped. The whistle is to let other players know the ball is dead and to stop blocking. If a whistle stops the play, it is an inadvertent whistle and the team in possession of the ball usually has the option to take the result of the play when the whistle was blown or replay the down.

Thanks for your help in getting this out!

Bob Krupicka
Head Official

2021 NFHS Football Rule Changes Video

This video explaines rules changes that are followed by the NFHS officials that we use in our games.

Please make all coaches become familiar with these change.

Rule Changes 2021

Blind Side Block Video

This video explains the Blind Side Block (BSB) interpretation used in the 2015 Oregon and other states NFHS approved experimental rule. It also expands the defenseless receiver interpretation being used in Hawaii.

Blind Side Block 

Officials Mechanic Rule Change - Am I on the line?

The NHFOA adopted a new mechanic for players. 

If a players asks:  Am I on the line or Am I in the backfield  we will respond yes or no. If asked  Am I on the line and the player is not we will respond “no, my foot is the line” and have our arm back. If a player comes up the line and looks at the official or looks at the official with a thumb up, there should be no response from the official. If the player comes up to the line and asks Am I okay, there should be no response from the official. We don’t know where he is supposed to be.

This should make things easier and a lot smother. This change will be consistent at all levels up to and including High School.   Please make sure this is communicated to all coaches. Player can only ask Am I on the line or Am I in the backfield!

Coaches should also be aware that when the player closest to the sideline is not on the line, the wing official will have his arm pointing back.

Please remind all organizations that there should be a line that is two yards off the sideline running parallel to it for the length of the field. This can be 1 inch wide. Also the yard line indicators that are placed every 10 yards should be 5 yards back from the sideline. Most of the time when we arrive at a field they are right on the sideline.  We usually move them back 2 yards,  However, the rule book shows 5 yards.

NFHS Rule Changes & Point of Emphasis

Important for all football coaches to download and review for the 2021 season..

Every football coach should have a copy of these document and/or become familiar with them.

Download the NFHS Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis for the 2021 season.

2021 Football Rule change - Blocking below the waist rule change

Football Rule Changes 2019

2019 NFHS 40 Second Clock

2019 NFHS Points of Emphasis

2019 NFHS Game Officials Manual Points of Emphasis

2019 NFHS Football Jersey-Game Pant Rule Update

2019 NFHS Football Officials Signals