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Cheer News

IMPORTANT - Cheer Music 2019 Deduction change:

With the new YCADA rules that we are following there is a slight change in the deductions for music for the 2019 season than there has been in previous years.

Previously there was a 6 second window before deductions were given for being over. This is no longer the case with the new YCADA rules.

The new rule is as follows:

1 point deduction for a routine over by 4-7 seconds

2 point deduction for a routine over by 8-10 seconds

3 point deduction for a routine 11 seconds over or more.” 

A routine that is more than 2 mins and 33 seconds you will receive a deduction going forward. Play it safe and stay within the 2 mins and 30 seconds. 

Please keep this in mind while your creating your music. 

Music Licensing Agreement:

AYC will be entering in to the same music licensing agreement as last year. If your team is attending events hosted by AYC you are covered under the agreement. This includes your games and practices as well. 

Click here to download a copy of information sent out last year for your review.

Cheer Uniform Guidelines:

As some of you are in the planning stage of purchasing new uniform pieces we wanted to pass along the 2017 rules for uniforms.

When a skirt is worn as part of the uniform, briefs under the skirt are required. The skirt must fully cover the hips. The skirt must completely cover the briefs and must fall at least 1 inch below the briefs (regular and boy cut briefs). When shorts are worn as part of the uniform, there must be a minimum or a 2” inseam.

If you have an athlete of size, we understand that this athlete might have shorts that come longer than the skirt to cover more of her body, we are not going to assess a penalty for an athlete of size that is wearing a properly fitted skirt with shorts that come longer. However if you try to squeeze an athlete of size into a skirt that is too small, we will penalize you.

Hair Feather Extensions:

Feather extensions that the girls are wearing have been ruled unsafe by AYC.  
If you have athletes that have these they need to be removed prior to their next practice.
There are 2 ways to apply the extensions:
1 - with glue - these are okay
2 - with a small plastic bead that is flattened - these are illegal
Also just a reminder that the Federation rules and AYC rules are for all practice, games, and competitions. I have seen lots for teams practicing with cheerleaders wearing jewelry. Please assign a coach to check for this at the start of every practice. This includes friendship bracelets and elastics on wrist.

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