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Please take a moment to read all the text below before registering your child to ensure you are registering properly. If you are a returning family, DO NOT set up a new account.


If you are a new or returning Coach follow the same instructions except make sure you are in the proper association Coach Registration"

To register your child, please scroll down and select the Association you child will participate in. Click on the "Begin Registration" link.

If you are new to our League you will need to create a parental account first and then create a player's account. Click continue on the next page. On the next page click Create Account and follow the instructions.

If you are returning to the League, proceed as indicated below.

Enter your email address and original personal family password. Your Family Entry and Participant Selection page will appear with the adult name(s) and the players names.

You will see a "register" box to the left of eligible players for the (current year) season. Click on that "register" box. The participant information form will appear. Make any necessary changes or updates as to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Then click on the submit button at the bottom.

The next screen will be the form that will require you to read and check off certain agreement boxes. You will need to check the "agree" boxes or the site will not process the form correctly.

As you enter player information, please be aware that there are some sections that MUST have data entered or MUST have a check mark indicating that you have read and accepted a term of condition for registering your child.

Also, please be aware that there are 2 "pages or screens" of the player registration process. The first is "boiler-plate" personal player data that the web site needs for processing and controlling registrations and the second is tailored to our League with our specific requirements.


If you have changed your email address or no longer have access to the one used, contact us at and we will update the system with your new one.