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Adobe PDF file 2019 AAA Calendar *- Lists dates when items are due when.

Adobe PDF file 2021 NHYFSC Calendar *- Calendar of Events for the current season. This Calendar is subject to change rev 5-2-21

Adobe PDF file AAA Academic Achievement Award Subjects *- This lists the subjects that are considered in averaging the courses and which course category they should be included. 9-28-19

Microsoft Excel file AAA Academic Packet ~ Application- Only rostered participants with a 90% or above from the previous academic year will be considered for Certificate of Recognition. Those rostered participants with a 96% or above and meet all requirements will be considered for scholarships. Refer to the Check List for all certificate and scholarship requirements. Revised 2021

Adobe PDF file AAA Academic Parent Guide *- Guide to assist parents with submissions to the NHYFSC Academic Achievement Award Program

Microsoft Word file Academic Waiver 2021- This form is to be completed for those participants in the NHYFSC program that have not met the Academic Requirement of 70 percent and/or 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA). This form is also to be completed by home-schooled participants who are unable to provide proof of Academic fitness as required by the NHYFSC.

Adobe PDF file Anti-Bullying Contract *- Document explaining various types of bullying, agreement to not participate in bullying and steps to take when bullying is observed.

Adobe PDF file AYF/C Benefits of being a Member *- This document shows samples of some of the benefits of being a member of American Youth Football & Cheer

Adobe PDF file CDC Head's Up Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents *- Explains what a concussion is, signs and symptoms and action to take if you suspect a concussion has occurred.

Adobe PDF file EEE Fact Sheet *- What is Eastern Equine Encephalitis?

Adobe PDF file Heat Illness & Exhaustion *- Signs, Symptoms, Recognition, Treatment and Prevention

Microsoft Word file Injury Report Form- Used when a participant is hurt or injured during an approved association or NHYFSC event

Adobe PDF file MBTI Brain Injury/Concussion Form *- Must be in the child's registration folder in the team book This form is to be signed by both the parent and child.

Adobe PDF file Medical Clearance *- Form to be signed by appropriate medical personnel clearing each participant to participate. MUST be dated after January 1st of the current season. 1-2021

Adobe PDF file NHYFSC All-Star Selection Process *- This documents explains the process used to select the coaches and athletes for the 8th Grade All Star team.

Adobe PDF file NHYFSC AYC Elite Cheer Application *- Attached is the 2019 Elite cheer application. rev 4-20-19

Adobe PDF file NHYFSC AYC Elite Cheer Selection Process *- This document explains the process for selecting coaches and athletes for the Div 14 Elite Cheer teams.

Adobe PDF file Nutrition, Hydration, Heat Index *- This document will assist athletes in proper nutrition before an event or competition, proper hydration and signs of dehydration.

Adobe PDF file Social Media Policy *- This policy contains guidelines for the NHYFSC & Association community engaging in social media use.

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.