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Cheer News

Cheer All Coaches - All coaches are required to take the YCADA certification courses.

The Y101AYC Mandatory Training Course is Here. Get a Head Start for the New Season!

We're ready to get back to what we love doing. Let's start with the mandatory training course. Get inspired, get organized and plan out your season.

Coaches that passed the Y101AYC course between January 1st-February 29th, 2020 of last year would now take the Speed Course. 
Coaches that passed the Y101AYC course between Mar 1st- Dec 31st, 2020 are NOT required to take either course in 2021 but the Speed Course is HIGHLY encouraged.
If eligible for the Speed Course , you should have received a special email with how to register today. 
The Speed Course is invite only. Make sure to check your spam folder and add "ycada.org" to your accepted domains in your email account to ensure you receive all emails from us.

CLICK HERE - If you did NOT complete the Y101AYC course in 2020 or are a new coach this year.


YCADA Resource Center

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IMPORTANT - Cheer Music 2019 Deduction change:

With the new YCADA rules that we are following there is a slight change in the deductions for music for the 2019 season than there has been in previous years.

Previously there was a 6 second window before deductions were given for being over. This is no longer the case with the new YCADA rules.

The new rule is as follows:

1 point deduction for a routine over by 4-7 seconds

2 point deduction for a routine over by 8-10 seconds

3 point deduction for a routine 11 seconds over or more.” 

A routine that is more than 2 mins and 33 seconds you will receive a deduction going forward. Play it safe and stay within the 2 mins and 30 seconds. 

Please keep this in mind while your creating your music. 

Music Licensing Agreement:

AYC will be entering in to the same music licensing agreement as last year. If your team is attending events hosted by AYC you are covered under the agreement. This includes your games and practices as well. 

Click here to download a copy of information sent out last year for your review.

Cheer Uniform Guidelines: Clarification from 2020 AYC Rulebook

Midriffs and/or sheer/nude color uniforms are prohibited. All participants should have proper coverage not exposing the belly, tummy, or midriff areas. Sheer or nude panels may be used on small areas of the uniform such as the shoulders or arms while not exposing any imappropriate areas that should be properly covered.

Hair Feather Extensions:

Feather extensions that the girls are wearing have been ruled unsafe by AYC.  
If you have athletes that have these they need to be removed prior to their next practice.
There are 2 ways to apply the extensions:
1 - with glue - these are okay
2 - with a small plastic bead that is flattened - these are illegal
Also just a reminder that the Federation rules and AYC rules are for all practice, games, and competitions. I have seen lots for teams practicing with cheerleaders wearing jewelry. Please assign a coach to check for this at the start of every practice. This includes friendship bracelets and elastics on wrist.

Helpful Documents: - Click on the links below to view or download the documents.

What every Coach Should Know

What every Good Assistant Coach Should Know

Stunt Progression

Tumble Progression

75 Ways to say Very Good

Fundatmental Tumbling - this is a large file, please be patient if it does not open quickly

Choreography 101 - 10 ways to effectively construct your routine

Standing Tumbling Backhandsprings Backtucks - Video on Drills and Technique for Proper Execution



Etiquette Do's

Etiquette Don'ts

Trouble Shooting Stunts

Private Coaching