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2021 Academic Achievement awards

2021 Academic Achievement awards have been given to your associaiton President. If your athlete is receiving a scholarship, it will be mailed to the athlete's home address in the next few weeks.

































Calendar listing dates when items are due and when events are happening.
2021 AAA Calendar posted in the Documents section


The Academic Achievement Award program began in 2005 acknowledging the academic success and community involvement for football and spirit participants. The NHYFSC hope is to encourage children to strive to do well in school and participate in their community.

A 70 grade average is the required minimum for participation. In case of doubt or conflict of opinion, an Academic Waiver form, signed by the school administration may be requested.


Participants must have a 90% or higher grade average

Participants must have entered the 5th grade or higher for the current season school year.

The grading scale on the report card must be used. If one is not listed, proof of the school's grade conversion scale must be obtained. Alternate grading systems can be used with prior approval from the NHYFSC Academic committee.

Documentation from the school or school district must accompany all academic submissions in the case where proof of grade conversion is necessary

For complete details and guidelines please download the Parent Guide.

To download the Academic Application click here.


The NHYFSC proudly acknowledges 3 levels of Academic Achievers.

  • Gold Level - 96% or higher
  • Silver Level - 95% to 93%
  • Bronze Level - 92% - 90%

All qualified recipients receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Gold recipient's that qualify to the final round will receive a scholarship in the form of a US Savings Bond for continued education in addition to the Certificate of Achievement.