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Cheerleading Competition

Southern NH University

Athletic Complex 

2500 N. River Rd 

Manchester, NH  03106 

Sunday, Oct 27, 2019


revised 10-2-19
Welcome to the NHYFSC State Cheerleading Competition Webpages

Nicole Quinn, NHYFSC Spirit Coordinator is pleased to announce the 2019 Cheerleading Competition will be held at Southern New Hampshire University, Athletic Complex.

Doors will open to the public at 7:15 am - Please do not arrive any earlier than 7:15 am

Check out the Updates pages often

Order of Appearance & Schedule of Events: (click on the Session for the Order of Appearance)

For the best flow of traffic, both outside and in the gym, spectators should arrive at times listed on the Order of Appearance.

Session 1 ~ rev10-1 ~ Tiny Mites & Div 8 ~ Performance time 8:00am - 9:20am. Team arrival 7:15am ~ Spectator arrival 7:15am
Session 2 ~ rev10-1 ~ Tiny Mites & Div 10 ~ Performance time 10:15am - 11:35am. Team arrival 9:30amSpectator arrival 9:30am
Session 3 ~ rev10-1 ~ Div 12 & Div 18 ~ Performance time 12:45pm - 2:05pm. Team arrival 12:00pm ~ Spectator arrival 12:00pm
Session 4 ~ rev10-1 ~ Div 14, NH Elite L-2, NH Elite L-4, Inspiration ~ Performance time 3:00pm - 4:08pm.
 Team arrival 2:15pSpectator arrival 2:15 pm

Awards immediately following last performance in each session.

Click on the Session name to download

Team Entrance:

Teams will enter at the 1st set of doors to the Athletic Complex. Each team will be checked in upon arrival.

All rostered cheerleaders must be in attendance at time of check-in.

Only coaches and athletes listed on the roster will be allowed in with the team.

All Coaches and Jr Demonstrators must have their wristband to check in. This will be checked upon arrival at team check in. For the safety of all athletes, only coaches on the roster will be allowed in warm ups with the team.

Absentee Form: must be filled out and in the team book for any rostered participant that will not be able to attend or participate in the competition.

Spectator Entrance:

Spectators entrance is at the other end of the building.

Ticket Sales:

Tickets are ONLY available the day of the event at the venue. 

  1. Ticket pricing is:
    • $15.00 per adult (ages 16 and above)
    • $10.00 per senior adult
    • $5.00 per child (ages 4 to 15).
  2. Cash ONLY event, no credit/debit cards or checks will be accepted.
  3. The venue does NOT have an ATM.

You will have your hand stamped which will allow for re-entry into the gym. Everyone over the age of 2 will be hand stamped.

We do not accept Credit Cards or personal checks. There is no ATM in the gym.

Handicap entrance is at the right side of the building.

Dismissal at the end of each session:

We will have the coaches and athletes exit the building first, followed by the parents. The exit doors are not the entrance doors so there should not be an issue with traffic coming in at the same time you are leaving.

We ask each team have a plan with the parents prior to your arrival where you will meet at the end of your session. The gym lobby is not a great place to meet as the next session will be arriving.

Parents & Spectators:

Please stay in the stands until the athletes have exited the gym. Once the athletes have exited the gym parents will be able to exit.

Please do not go on the mats at any time during the event, awards or just after awards. Your help with this is greatly appreciated and necessary for a smooth transition from one session to the next.

  • Artificial noise makers are not allowed
  • No hand held signs, no signs that light up, no balloons on strings for the spectators seating area.
  • Please DO NOT park to the right of the athletic complex. This is reserved for the judges, vendors, etc and student parking. The parking lot across the street has been expanded and there will be plenty of parking there.
  • Please NO flash photography. If using a phone please check to make sure the light is off
  • Do not try to enter the building at the team entrance. Spectators entrance doors are all the way to the right of the building. Entrance will begin at 7:15am.
  • Teams and spectators are asked to pick up after themselves at the end of their session. Food and drink are allowed in the gym and can be brought in from home or purchased at the concession.

While teams are performing:

  • No entering or exiting the gym. Gym doors will be closed during performances
  • No Standing or moving around in the gym or bleachers
  • No Talking
  • Please control younger children from roaming around.
  • No listening to recorded routines on your phone or other electronic devices.

Spectators please cheer along with and clap for all teams. Cheer points are not based on how loud the crowd response is so let's all help the smaller teams/associations with response from the entire crowd. All teams have worked hard this season and deserve the respect and attention of everyone in the gym while they are taking their 2 1/2 minutes on the mat. Last year spectators were great with this, let's keep up the sportsmanship!!




During awards the cheerleaders will come to the mats with nothing but themselves. No bags, jackets, flowers, poms, signs, etc on the mat during awards.

Judges table:

The only time coaches and coordinators should be at the judges table is when doing score check an be in the assigned section. Spectators are not to approach the judges table. Please do not call or text Nicole during the event. While teams are on the floor if you have an urgent issue, Deb Smith is your go to person unless she is seated at the judges table. If you need Nicole between sessions she will be on the floor immediately following awards or in the staff room upstairs. If it is not urgent address it after the event.


It is very important that volunteers are on time and helpful. Coordinators or a designated board member should check to see if their volunteers have all showed up and are working. If not please find a replacement A.S.A.P.

2019 NHYFSC State Champions:

The finalist will move on to compete in the AYF/AYC New England Regional Championships on Saturday, November 23, 2019 at the Tsongas Center at U-Mass, Lowell, MA. The New England Region Championships will include cheerleading squads from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. Squads placing 1st at Regionals for their division will advance to American Youth Cheer National Championships in Kissimmee, Florida. Teams placing 2nd and 3rd at Regionals for their division are expected to compete at the American Youth Cheer National Championships in Florida in December.

For additional information and to get all the latest news regarding the New England Region Championships visit the website at New England Region

Good Luck to all our advancing cheerleading squads. Remember to tell all your athletes how proud you are of them before and after they perform.

NHYFSC State Board