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Tickets are valid for entrance into the facility. Upon entry each spectator over the age of 2 will have their hand stamped. Only rostered coaches with the proper NHYFSC Identification will be allowed to accompany the squads.

There will be an EMT stationed on the performing area floor incase of any medical emergencies.

The NHYFSC State Board and Southern New Hampshire University have put together the following plan for a smooth transition throughout the day:

Arena Policies:

NO artificial noise makers, NO balloons on strings, NO signs held in hands, NO flash photography.
Posters, signs, etc can be hung on the walls. Please remember to take them down at the end of your session.


For teams that are coming by bus, here is the procedure that they should follow for drop off, parking and pick up: (Please print a copy of this section to present to your bus drivers)

Buses should drive past both entrances to the Athletic Complex and then take their first left hand turn and enter parking lot #11.Buses should then continue to drive along the backside of the building. The unload/load zone will be next to the loading dock and there will be signs designating it as the unload/load zone. Upon completion of unload/load buses will continue straight ahead and exit the campus through a weight activated security gate. the gate is automatic and will be activated as the bus approaches the gate.

For buses requiring parking they will take a left hand turn onto North River Road. Once on North River Rd. they will take a right onto East Side Drive and proceed to the softball field parking lot which will be on the left side (parking lot #21). Buses will be able to park in that area until they are ready to pick up the teams.

For pick up, buses should line up in the back of the Athletic Complex near the spot where they unloaded the teams. SNHU Safety and Athletic Department Staff will assist in the lining up of the buses.

Transition between sessions:

In order to facilitate a smooth transition between each session all participants and parents/families must exit promptly after the award ceremonies at the end of each session. An announcement will be made as a reminder.

Coaches are responsible to make sure the participant safely leaves the arena and are united with their parent or guardian. The parents can pick up their children in the main gym area. No child is to leave the building without adult supervision of a coach or parent/guardian.

Seating Chart:

Click here to view a seating chart of the gym.