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revised 9-18-19

The New Hampshire Youth Football and Spirit Conference Cheerleading Competition will be held at Southern New Hampshire University, Athletic Complex in Manchester, NH on Sunday, October 27th. The following information is important for all coaches to review and be aware of before the competition begins.

Updates - Updates link. Please check it often and each time you visit the site. We will list all updates and changes on this page for easy review of new information and where you can find it on the site.

Injury Forms - Everyone should have a copy of the injury form in their books. Please make sure you have it in the book on competition day just in case of an accident. If you do not have a copy please see you association president or cheer coordinator.

Each team should have a medical kit with them with ice packs and band-aides at a minimum.

Coaches Identification - All Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Cheer Coordinators, Presidents, and Jr. Demonstrators must have their wristbands and certified roster issued by the NHYFSC for entry with the team. Wristbands will be issued at the October Association Meeting. Rostered personnel only with the proper identification will be allowed access to areas behind the gym or cheerleaders seating area. Team parents do not not have access to the areas behind the gym or cheerleaders or their seating area.

Flow for Cheerleaders
- Cheerleaders should be arriving performance ready. Neither the gym nor the warm up gym is the right place to be spraying the athletes' hair or getting dressed.

- Once teams arrive you should proceed to the warm up gym (only if it is your time for warm up) or the main gym. Teams can leave "stuff" at their seats in the main gym. We suggest one (1) bag per team.

- Please make every effort to arrive and check in as a team. Teams will be checked in once all the participants have arrived.

Teams will need to get themselves to warm ups.

- Session 1 will have 4 minutes at each station, all other sessions will have 5 minutes.

- The first station is for stretching quietly. The 2nd station is for whatever you want to do, but please do it quitely. Teams should be listening for the 30 second warning and be ready to move to the practice performance area when they hear the warning. At the practice performance area, you can run through your routine on 9 mats, work on stunts and do tumbling. Here you can use the same voice they will use on the performance mats.

- From here the squad will wait to go to the performance mats.

- There will be equipment in the warm up room to play your music on. There is no need to bring a CD player. We are going to offer the ability to upload your music with the DJ but you will still be required to bring a copy for the warm up area.

- Layout of Warm Up Area

Athletes are to remain with their coaches and team during their session. Athletes should not be sitting in the stands with their parents during their performance session.

Please email  if you have any immediate questions.