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revised 10-7-19

Recent Updates:

9-18-19MusicPlease make sure you submit your music by 10-4.

When submitting your music, email both Jeff Tibak at  and Jay at

Jazzy Entertainment assumes no responsibility for music copyrights of your selection of music and you understand the copyright laws and have taken the correct steps in securing music under these laws.


1) Must be an mp3 file.
2) Must include all identifying information for the team - name, comp category (D10/D12), skill level (1, 2, 3, 4) size (large/small) ~ example: Derry Demons.Div 8 small level 1
3) Must include contact information (email and phone number) for the coach/asst. coach.
4) Must include a list of which competitions the team is attending.
5) Must be submitted by October 4th

6) Please indicate if you start with cheer or music

Coaches must bring backup music on day of competition. Music must be submitted in advance. If music isn't submitted in advance, only CDs and iPods/iPhones/iPads may be used day of event. If using your phone bring a cord to be safe.

Jeff & Jay will confirm receipt of music to each organization and let you know if there are any issues. Give them time to get through them all, don't panic if you don't hear from him the day you send it, we have 90+ teams competing.

If you have your music now, please send it. so that he is not getting all the music the week before.

If you make changes to your music after any event please communicate that with him as well.

If there are any questions, please let Jeff know at . Jeff is our primary contact for questions.

Thank you!


9-18-19 - Coach of the Year LettersCoach of the Year letters should be submitted to Nicole by the October association meeting on Wednesday, October 16th or at the Cheer Explosion Competition or the Season Premiere Competition. Please make sure the submissions are well marked. Letters are to be handwritten by the athletes only. Originals to be submitted not scanned and/or emailed copies.


9-20-19 - Order of Appearance - POSTED. Click on the session name to view and print a copy on the State Competition main page.


10-10-18 - Forms Updated - Many forms have been updated and posted. Please click on forms to view which forms are available.