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Clinics & Camps

NHYFSC Cheer Camp


NHYFSC is proud to offer and host our annual
youth cheer camp ran by UCA/NCA! 


Date: Friday July 26th - Sunday July 28th
Location: St Anselm's College Manchester NH

- 3 Day Youth Camp! 
- NEW!!! Open to ALL New England AYC Teams! 
MUST be an AYC team from New England to attend this camp! 
- All athletes who register for camp MUST be registered with their local association prior to June 15th for the fall 2024 season! 
- Overnight or Commuter options available! 
- Lowest cost for a 3 day camp in the country! 
- Cost includes all meals for overnight attendees; lunch and dinner for commuting attendees! 
- Teams must have coach/chaperone with them at all times!
Ration to be used -
                       - 1 Coach/Chaperone to every 12 athletes for ages 11-14.
                       - 1 Coach/Chaperone to every 7 athletes for ages 7-10. 

- Multiple class options for coaches and athletes! 
- All American Cheerleader tryouts!
- Themed Pep Rally!
- Performances on Sunday afternoon for all families and friends to come see! 

IMPORTANT!!  Individual registrations are not accepted, must be by team(s). Even if it just 3 athletes and a coach. 
- If you can't build a team, please reach out to a local association to combine athletes to ensure all athletes get the experience they are looking for! 

Schedule Layout
Camp starts at 10 AM - ends around 7 PM
Camp starts at 9 AM - ends around 7 PM
Camp starts at 9 AM - performances at 12 PM
FREE admission for Parents, friends and family to cheer on your favorite athlete and their accomplishments in their 3 days at camp! 

Resident Athlete - $285
Commuter Athlete - $220
Resident Coach - $230
Commuter Coach - $170
$100 Non-refundable deposit (per person) due 6/1
Final payment due 7/1

IMPORTANT!!! Association check only for all payments 
         *** No payments from parents are accepted ***

Register by June 15th!
See below for more info on how to register! 

*** ALL registrations must go through an association! There is no individual registrations! ****

PARENTS -> If you are  reading this, and are interested in your child attending, please contact your local AYC cheer director to register! 


Below section is for New England AYC Association Cheer Directors or association admins looking to register your team(s).


How to register your association/ teams??

Registration Information

  • Each association is responsible for collecting registrations and monies.
  • Associations will pre-register the teams/athletes/coaches. (Link is at bottom of this page). Once NHYFSC Cheer Director receives it, she will reach out with more registration information! 
    • June 15th is the official register by date  
      • If you have adds after your associations initial registration is complete, adds are accepted to certain dates -

NOTEThese below dates are not for full brand new teams to register.

  • If you have late adds, payment is due immediately as they are added.
    • Resident athletes and coaches (ADD ON's) can be added up until July 1st.
    • Commuters (ADD ON's) can be added up until July 10th.
    • The ratio to be used should be-
      • 1 Chaperone/Coach to every 12 athletes for ages 11-14
      • 1 Chaperone/Coach to every 7 athletes ages 7-10.
    • Teams MUST have a Chaperone/Coach with them at all times!
      • Overnight athletes, are being chaperoned by your coaches/chaperones - NOT by NHYFSC or UCA/NCA Staff!
      • Chaperones are in charge of making sure the athletes are participating, eating, showering (if overnight), and all of that. 

Payment Options, there is 2 options

  • Deposits - $100 non refundable deposit is due by 6/1 for every coach and athlete attending. Remaining payments will be due 7/1.
  • Full payments only – Some associations find it easier to only accept full payments instead of deposits, if you choose this option, then the payments are due on the same date as the deposits, 6/1.
  • ALL money is to be collected at the association level, and then the association will send NHYFSC a check either for the deposits, or for the final payments.
    • NHYFSC does NOT accept payments from parents directly.
    • You will need to let NHYFSC  know which payment option your association is going with.

For payment instructions please contact Nicole -

Pre-Registration link >> HERE <<( READ BELOW FIRST!)
- Please submit this form if you intend on attending NHYFSC Cheer camp, this form does not officially register your team, and the numbers do not need to be exact until June! 
- Once you pre-register, the NHYFSC Cheer Director will contact you with more information and will be provided the official registration documents! 

Layout of the Schedule
 More detailed after registrations are complete! 

  • 3 day camp
  • Start Times per Day- 
    • Friday start time is 10 AM.
    • Saturday and Sunday 9 AM.
  • “Pep Rally” Saturday evening after dinner, the teams dress up to the theme – which will be given at a later time.
  • Sunday – Presentation/Performances!
    • Parents are invited in to the arena for the performances and awards!
    • The performances start between 11-12 PM – more information will come as registrations get solidified.
    • After performances, commuters go home, resident athletes go to the dorms to clean up and go home.  
  • You can have overnight athletes and commuters! Same with coaches, but need to ensure if you have overnight athletes, you must have overnight coaches to stay with them! The same ratio applies.
  • Overnighters -
    • Check in on Friday at 8 AM
    • The parents are welcome to bring them to their dorms and get it all set up.
      • Most kids will decorate the dorms, it’s a big fun experience!
      • ALL dorms are NUT FREE!
      • Parents leave the dorms by 9:30 AM
      • Meals included –
        • Friday – Lunch and Dinner
        • Saturday – Breakfast Lunch and Dinner
        • Sunday – Breakfast
  • Commuters
    • They arrive Friday am 9-9:30 AM, the coaches will figure the times out and where to meet etc.
    • Commuters will be picked up after dinner time each night (by 8pm).
    • The coaches will plan the arrival time, and pick up time for the commuting teams/athletes.
    • Meals included –
      • Friday and Saturday – Lunch and Dinner
      • Nothing Sunday, and never breakfast for commuters.
    • Some commuting teams will stay after dinner and work on the material they were taught in the court yards, or some go home and call it a day. The choice is up to the coach.


Extra information 

  • Teams do “team uniforms”, for performance day, or they get matching team gear to wear. However not necessary. 
  • Most teams, NOT required – do matching outfits for the 3 days of camp. 
    • Some the same ones, some different as there is no washing service on the campus.
  • The camp does a “All-American” tryout, where the winners are invited to the Philly Parade in November (or December).
  • The camp does a lot of individual awards and team awards as well.
  • The camp staff does, pin it forward, spirit stick, and crazy banana!
  • There is a UCA/NCA camp store offered during camp hours.

This camp is mainly for experience! UCA/NCA do not follow YCADA rules, however they do review them and gear towards them to ensure they are giving our athletes the best experience possible. This camp teaches a dance, a cheer, and a full routine for each team to perform. NHYFSC has been hosting this camp for about 13 years if not longer and we are excited to invite all New England AYC teams!


Any questions please email to complete your registration!